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mamian's High-end (upper line/sister brand) shoe brand, QIBIS. The brand name is derived from the word "kibisu", which means "heel". We propose high-quality and highly sensitive shoes made in Japan that combine beautiful design and comfort.

Product Details

Coloring and texture inspired by cosmetic items, and shoes with a beautiful silhouette. A total of 7 satin colors inspired by the powdery texture and color of eyeshadow and teak. Sleek, delicate and sharp high heels and a pointed toe that expresses intelligence and strength that make women look beautiful at any age, from everyday use to occasions. A basic pair that fits any style.

Product name (number) : QIBIS ONE: 9cm heel pointed toe pumps (QM9004)

Brand/Country of Origin: QIBIS/Japan

Material : Synthetic leather/ satin (polyester)

Color : D orange (satin material)

Size development/Wise : 34.5 〜 37.5 / Wise D

Heel height : 9.0cm

Shape of the toe / Cut of the instep : Sharp pointed toe / Slightly shallow cut of the instep

What is QIBIS ONE?

Highly cushioned urethane material for the upper lining, an insole with a built-in 3mm urethane cushion, an insole with a 3mm cushion material applied to the toe area, and a rubber sole with excellent grip and elasticity that is resistant to abrasion. It is a special pair that is also comfortable.

Combining beauty and comfort.
QIBIS ONE Color Editions is a basic style functional shoe collection that focuses on beauty and ease of wear and expresses trends with colors and materials. Under the themes of super beauty, super basics, and super cost performance, we offer basic items that can be used for both work and private life, with a beautiful silhouette and comfort.

High quality is also comfortable to wear.
High-density urethane cushioning is installed on the entire insole and the front part of the insole, realizing a soft and fluffy feel like a sneaker. In addition, the "back" material of the upper is also made of urethane material, which is a combination of soft polyester with a smooth touch. Please enjoy the comfort that is softly wrapped up to your fingertips.

2 types of wooden patterns in 14 colors.
The heel height is 7cm and 9cm, and the materials are smooth, enamel, and satin. By adopting a rubber sole that has excellent grip and elasticity and is resistant to wear, it supports walking firmly even with high heels.

つま先の形状:pointed toe

*Features vary from person to person. Please consider the following comment as an index of size selection to the last.

Takagami (Staff who usually wear 21.5 > 22.0)

size to choose toes Width length

I usually wear 21.5cm. This is just size at 34.5. I'm short, so high heels are a necessity, but these pumps are as comfortable as a 7cm heel without making you feel high.

Sasano (Staff who usually wear 22.5 > 22.0)

size to choose toes Width length

I also tried the 35.5, but it was too big overall. 35 is perfect for width and length. I felt a little cramped in the front and toe area, but I chose 35 because it seems to fit right away.

Anzai (Staff who usually wear 23.0 > 23.5)

size to choose toes Width length
It is just size at 36. A pointed toe that usually hurts my fingers, but this one has more room for my toes. It seems that fatigue and pain will be reduced because it is cushioned.

Hisakawa (Staff who usually wear 23.5 > 24.0)

size to choose toes Width length

I felt a little cramped in the toe area, but I chose 36.5 because it seems to fit in 2-3 times. It is just size generally.

Okuyama (Staff who usually wear 24.0 > 23.5)

size to choose toes Width length

I chose 36.5, but it's just the right size without any pain. with high heels

The soles of the shoes are soft, so if you are usually hesitant about wearing half sizes, you may want to choose the smaller size.

Tada (Staff who usually wear 24.5 > 24.0)

size to choose toes Width length

It is just size at 37. The insole is cushioned, so it's easy to wear! I didn't even feel like my heels were coming off.

Tamura (Staff who usually wear 25.0 > 24.5)

size to choose toes Width length

I think that it is just size at 37.5 basically. My right foot is slightly larger than my left foot, and the toe of my right foot feels cramped,

It doesn't seem to hurt, so there's no problem.

This product has the following features.
If you return the product for the reasons listed below, it will not be considered a defective product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

*The product in the image is a sample. There may be slight differences in color, specifications, processing, size, materials, etc. from the actual product*

Regarding the color of the product image, the product image is created to be close to the actual color, but the color may appear slightly different depending on the type of LCD screen.

Regarding enamel materials , please do not store your shoes in close contact with each other, as enamel materials can cause shoes to stick to each other and cause the material to tear.

Regarding suede materials , please avoid storing them in close contact with other materials as suede materials tend to fade in color. Please note that the color may transfer to the insole, lining fabric, etc., but this is not a defect.

Regarding delicate materials Shoes made of extremely delicate materials such as tulle, lace, and knit are extremely susceptible to friction and impact, and the surface may tear, so please be careful.

Regarding cushion insoles such as iCoN, iCoN insoles have a three-dimensional structure. Therefore, there may be slight lifting, gaps, or peeling before the shoes are worn. As you wear these pumps, the insole will be crimped to the inside of the pumps to match the shape of your feet. Even if there is a sticky sound due to the insole lifting, it will be crimped and resolved as the insole is used more frequently. Additionally, although we ensure that the above-mentioned symptoms have been resolved before shipping, some items may have peeled off by the time they reach the customer.

Regarding the insole wrapping of sandals and mules, we take great care to ensure that there are no gaps at the transition between the ball wrap and the oyster wrap, but gaps may easily occur depending on the elasticity of the material being pasted. I have a case. Please rest assured that this gap does not mean that the leather is torn or cut. Click here for details

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Which one is the same shape as the Mamian pumps I bought before? If it's the same type as those shoes, this size is OK! etc. If you know the wooden pattern, wouldn't it be helpful to choose the size? This is a new standard for selecting shoes that can only be achieved by the factory brand mamian.