Below are frequently asked questions from customers on the mamian official online store.

We accept the following payment methods.

・Credit card ・Amazon pay
・atone next month deferred payment (convenience store)
・Paidy next month payment (convenience store/bank)
・NP payment after delivery (invoice sent separately)
・KOMOJU smartphone payment (paypay/Merpay/LINEpay)

About payment

About your order

Orders placed before 12:59 on business days will be shipped the same day, except for pre-order items.
Orders placed after the above hours/outside business hours will be shipped sequentially from the next business day.
Please check the link below for details.


Depending on the area you live in, the weather, and traffic conditions, we may not be able to deliver on the specified date and time.
If there is a notification about the delivery status, the notification will be displayed on the shopping cart screen.


Regarding delivery

About your order

At our store, we accept returns due to the size not fitting or the image being different.

If you wish to exchange an item, please return the item you do not need and place a new order for the desired size and item.

For details on how to return or exchange an item, please see the link below.

Defective product/wrong product

If you find that the product is damaged or soiled, or if you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, please contact us.
*We would appreciate it if you could prepare the order number, the name of the person who ordered the product, and the image of the defective part.

About returned goods exchange

Changes or cancellations to your order, or changes to the delivery address can only be made before the product has been shipped .
Please check the link below for details.


Due to system specifications, if you change the items below, you will need to cancel your current order and place a new order.

・Addition of products ・Cancellation of some products ・Change of payment method ・Omission of input of coupons and points



Ordering FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about ordering.

A. Please check the order confirmation email that is automatically sent after the order is completed.
If you have registered an account, you can check your usage history from My Page.
If you do not have an account or have not received an order confirmation email, please contact us.

A. You can change it only before shipping.

It is possible to change the size/color/material and change the delivery address, but for the following items, you will need to cancel the order and place a new order.
Sorry to trouble you, but please contact our shop.

・Cancellation of some products, addition of products, change of payment method, omission of input of coupon code/point usage


Orders cannot be changed or canceled after they have been shipped.
Please follow the return request form enclosed with the product to complete the return procedure.


A. Due to system specifications, coupons and automatic discount campaigns cannot be used together with points.
In addition, the cause may be as follows.

・Does not meet the coupon usage conditions, such as the purchase price ・There is an error in the coupon code ・You did not click "Apply" after entering the coupon code ・Automatic discounts are applied

In addition, the coupon code you entered may not be reflected correctly depending on the communication environment at the time of ordering. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us in such a case.

A. Points may not be used for the following reasons.
Also, due to system specifications, coupons and automatic discount campaigns cannot be used together with points.

・You have not clicked “Use Points” after entering points ・Coupons or automatic discounts have been applied ・You have not registered an account ・You have not logged into an account that holds points ・Coupons or automatic discounts is adapted

In addition, the coupon code you entered may not be reflected correctly depending on the communication environment at the time of ordering.


How to use points
Please log in to your account that has points.
After entering the points you want to use in the shopping cart, click "Use points".
The points you used will be reflected and the billed amount will be changed.
* If you are not logged in, the point input item will not be displayed.


A. The following are possible causes.

・It has been automatically sorted into spam folders, etc. ・Cannot be delivered due to reception settings restrictions ・There is an error in the email address ・There is a temporary error in the mail server or reception environment, etc.


Mobile carrier mail tends to limit reception, so
We recommend that you set up to receive this email or register with another email address.


Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping/Delivery

Below are frequently asked questions about shipping.

A. Changes are possible only before the product is shipped.
Please let us know the following items.

・Order number ・Orderer's name ・What you want to change

Please contact us as soon as possible, as changes cannot be made after shipping is complete.


If you wish to change the delivery address or specified delivery date after shipment, please contact the delivery company yourself.
Also, if you want to change the shipping address after shipping, you will need to complete the procedures yourself.


A. At our shop, we try to use a simple packing method that is the bare minimum required to safely send your luggage, just wrapping the shoe box in a paper bag.

Therefore, even if you wish to have your shoes wrapped or that you do not need a shoe box, we will still use the above packing method.
*In the case of a gift, product details will not be enclosed.

We appreciate your understanding.

A. Due to the specifications of the order system, it is not possible to ship the products separately.


💡 In this case, we recommend that you order only reserved items for reserved items and only regular items for regular items separately!


A. Due to the specifications of the order management system, each order is shipped separately, so we cannot accept combined shipping.
If you would like to combine shipping, please cancel your order and place a new order.

Frequently asked questions about products

Below are frequently asked questions about our products.

A. Our products are manufactured on the basis of width D, so please consider the width to be a little narrower.

We are unable to provide an accurate guide as there are cases where the width D based on our wooden pattern is sold as 2E by other companies.

In addition, depending on the product design and heel height, we manufacture with wooden molds that match each product, so even if the size is the same, the size may differ depending on the product.

The product page has a size review by our staff.
There may be individual differences in size depending on the shape of the foot, etc., but please take a look at it as a reference.

We are available for size consultation.

If you let us know the product name and product number you are considering, your usual size, foot length, foot width, and shoe selection criteria, we can give you a more detailed size guide, so please feel free to contact us. Please consult

A. Width refers to the standard foot circumference specified by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). )・EEE(3E)・EEEE(4E)・F.
* The closer to A, the narrower the foot circumference and width, and the closer to F, the wider the foot circumference and width.

Our products are manufactured on the basis of Wise D, so please consider them to be slightly narrower.

A. Yes. We are accepting repairs for the mamian products you have purchased.

Depending on the area to be repaired and the condition of the shoes, we may not be able to repair them.
In advance, please let us know the details of the product you wish to repair and the request for repair.

*We cannot accept repairs for the upper (the part above the sole).
* As a general rule, both feet are repaired together.
* If you can send us an image, the information will be smoother.

A. For products that have a top lift, you can check the target top lift from the link [Click here for the genuine top lift of this product] on the product page.

If there is no link to Toplift on the product page,
There is a possibility that we do not have top lifts other than those for production in stock.
Please let us know the product name and product number so that we can check it for you.

A. All the lifts we handle are genuine lifts exclusively for this product. Therefore, we sell top lifts tailored to each product, and do not display or measure the size.

For safety reasons, please refrain from using our top lifts on other companies' products.

Frequently asked questions about payments

Below are frequently asked questions about payments.

A. For details on payment methods, please check the link below.

About payment

A. With NP deferred payment, an invoice will be mailed separately from the payment agent (Net Protections Co., Ltd.).

An invoice will be mailed about 1-2 weeks after the product has been shipped, so please wait for a while.
In addition, if you need to reissue it due to expiration or loss, please contact the payment agency or our shop.


The barcode printed on the purchase statement is a barcode for order management and cannot be used for payment.


A. If you cancel before shipping, the billing will be canceled when the cancellation procedure is completed.

In the case of return, we will refund the product price according to the payment method within a few days after the returned product arrives at our store.
For payment details, please also check the billing statement for each payment method.
*It may take several days for the information to be reflected.

For details on how to refund, please check the link below.

About returns, exchanges and cancellations

Other questions

Other frequently asked questions are below.

If you are a mamian online store member, when you log in, your point balance will be displayed at the top of the screen or on the My Account page.

You can also check your point balance on the shopping cart screen during the purchase procedure.

A. The following are the reasons why you cannot log in.

・Your account registration has not been completed. ・You have registered with a different email address. ・You have only registered for email newsletters.

We will check your registration status, so please let us know your registered email address and your name.

A. You can reset your password by clicking "Forgot your password?" on the login screen and resetting your password.

A. Regarding the issuance of receipts, we ask that customers carry out the procedures for issuance by themselves.

Please follow the link provided in the shipping completion guide.
*Receipts can be issued after the product has been shipped.


If you use deferred payment invoice
It is not possible to issue a receipt on my page or issue a separate receipt.
The bill that will be mailed separately after the product is shipped will be the receipt.


A. Yes. At mamian, we are cooperating with the stylist for shooting costumes.

Please check the details from the link below.

👉 Regarding costume cooperation

The actual mamian store is located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture [mamian Tor Road Store].

Please check the details from the link below.

Handling stores

Business days: Monday-Friday Business hours: 10:00-17:45
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/summer holidays/New Year holidays

Contact Customer Support

Inquiries via chat, inquiry form/email are available 24 hours a day.
We will respond within 24 hours, excluding holidays, but it may take some time to respond depending on the status of your inquiry.


Inquiries received outside of business hours will be handled sequentially from the next business day.