50% OFF: PVC Clear Pumps (5511) Black E

2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)
2023SS:PVC クリア パンプス(5511)ブラックE/mamian(マミアン)

50% OFF: PVC Clear Pumps (5511) Black E

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Clear pumps with a trendy face that boldly use the hottest PVC material. The sheerness of these shoes creates a cool and stylish pair of shoes.

Product Details

- Nudie design with parts other than the toe and heel made of PVC material.
- Soft microfiber (artificial leather) counter (heel).
・The high resilience cushioning in the toe area makes it difficult for your feet to hurt.

Product name/number : PVC clear pumps/5511

Brand/Country of Origin: mamian/Japan

Material : Synthetic leather, PVC material

Color /Description : Black E (enamel material)

Size development / width : 22.5cm ~ 25.0cm / width D

Heel height : 5.0cm heel

Shape of the toe / instep cut : pointed pointed toe / shallow instep cut

*Features vary from person to person. Please consider the following comment as an index of size selection to the last.

Sasano (Staff who usually wear 22.5 > 22.0)

foot characteristics Wise C・Greek type・Thin armor・Curved nail・Hammer toe
foot length 22.0cm foot width 9.5cm foot girth 21.5cm
The instep is thin and it is easy to slip forward, so choose a shoe with a tight fit.
size to choose 22.5
toes well furnished
Width well furnished
length well furnished
It is comfortable to wear with bare feet. The heel is not too high, so I didn't slip forward and my toes didn't hurt. If you want to wear it loosely, you may want to go up one size.

Anzai (Staff who usually wear 23.0 > 23.5)

foot characteristics Wise B・Egyptian type・Thin・Thin・Long fingers
foot length 23.5cm foot width 9.0cm foot girth 21.0cm
I tend to get blisters on my heels, and my feet are narrow and my toes are long, so I often choose loose-fitting shoes.
size to choose 23.0
toes a little cramped
Width Exactly
length Exactly
I wore it with stockings. I felt a little cramped overall, but I chose my usual size considering that the PVC will get used to it as I wear it.

Yanaka (Staff who usually wear 23.5 > 23.0)

in preparation

Harada (Staff who usually wear 23.5 > 24.0)

in preparation

Nakano (Staff who usually wear 24.0 > 24.5)

in preparation

Tada (Staff who usually wear 24.5 > 24.0)

foot characteristics Wise D/Egyptian Type/Wide
foot length 24.0cm foot width 10.2cm foot girth 22.9cm
I often choose 24.0cm for heels and 24.5cm for flats. I choose shoes with an emphasis on the difficulty of taking them off.
size to choose 24.5
toes Exactly
Width Exactly
length a little too much
At 24.5cm, it was perfect at first, but after wearing it for a while, the heel started to come off. On the other hand, 24.0cm makes my toes too painful, so I wear 24.5cm to prevent them from coming off. If you don't mind tight toes, I would recommend going down one size.

Tamura (Staff who usually wear 25.0 > 24.5)

foot characteristics Wise C・Egyptian type・Wide width・Large right foot
foot length 24.9cm foot width 9.8cm foot girth 22.5cm
The right foot is larger and puts more pressure on the toes, so I often choose a size that is comfortable for my right foot.
size to choose 25.0
toes just right
Width just right
length just right
I was able to put my feet in smoothly without any problems. Once I get used to it, I think I'll have more room in my heel, but if I go down one size, my toes will be too tight, so I choose my usual 25.0cm.

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This product has the following features.
In the case of a return for the following reasons, it will not be considered a defective product, so please understand in advance before purchasing.

*The product in the image is a sample. Color, specifications, processing, size, materials, etc. may differ slightly from the actual product*

Regarding the color of the product image
Product images are created in a form that is close to the actual color, but the color may look slightly different depending on the type of LCD screen.

About enamel material
The enamel material may cause the shoes to stick to each other and the material may tear, so please do not store your feet together.

About suede material
Suede material tends to lose its color, so please do not store it in close contact with other materials. Also, the color may transfer to the insole, lining fabric, etc., but please note that this is not a defect.

Regarding delicate materials
Please be aware that shoes made from very delicate materials such as tulle, lace, and knitwear are very vulnerable to friction and impact, and the surface may tear.

Regarding cushion insoles such as iCoN
The insole of iCoN uses a three-dimensional structure. Therefore, there may be some floats, gaps, or peeling in the state before wearing shoes. As you wear them, the insoles are crimped to the inside of the pumps according to the shape of your feet. Even if there is a sticky sound due to the floating insole, it will be crimped and eliminated as the frequency of use increases. In addition, at the time of inspection, we will ship after eliminating the above symptoms, but some of them may be peeled off before they reach the customer.

About insole winding of sandals and mules
We work with great care so that there are no gaps between the ball roll and the okaki roll, but there are cases where a gap is likely to occur depending on the elasticity of the material to be pasted. Please be assured that this gap does not mean that the leather is torn or cut. Click here for details



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