Columbus: Non-Slip Sticker (Black)

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A sticker to prevent slipping of leather sole shoes. These leather-soled shoes are highly breathable and soft to wear, but they can be slippery and difficult to walk on, such as on tiled surfaces.
Embossed stickers help prevent slipping.

1 Pair (2 Pieces Included)

■ Product details

●Anti-slip stickers for new flat shoe soles such as leather soles.
-Since it is a sticker type, it can be easily pasted.

[How to use]
Lightly scrape the wax component on the surface of the new sole with the attached sandpaper [paper sand].
After removing the shavings thoroughly, stick the sticker on the sole and press it firmly.

[Precautions for use]
It cannot be adhered to uneven soles.
If the adhesive surface becomes dirty or is reapplied, the adhesive strength will decrease and it will come off easily.
If the embossed part is reduced due to long-term use, please replace it.
Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.

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