What is the size of this item (3570)?

Sasano (Staff who usually wear 22.5 > 22.0)

foot characteristics Wise C・Greek type・Thin armor・Curved nail・Hammer toe
foot length 22.0cm foot width 9.5cm foot girth 21.5cm
The instep is thin and it is easy to slip forward, so choose a shoe with a tight fit.
size to choose small size
toes well furnished
Width well furnished
length well furnished
I wear it barefoot. Because the heel is high, I slipped forward and there was plenty of room in the length, but since it was made to wrap around the heel, there was no big hindrance when walking. However, I have small toes, so if I walk for a long time, the front belt may bite a little and feel painful.

Anzai (Staff who usually wear 23.0 > 23.5)

foot characteristics Wise B・Egyptian type・Thin・Thin・Long fingers
foot length 23.5cm foot width 9.0cm foot girth 21.0cm
I tend to get blisters on my heels, and my feet are narrow and my toes are long, so I often choose loose-fitting shoes.
size to choose medium size
toes Exactly
a little left over
I wore it with stockings. Because of the high heels, my feet slip forward and my heels are a little loose, but there is an ankle belt so they won't come off. Other than that, it's a perfect, very comfortable high heel sandal.

Yanaka (Staff who usually wear 23.5 > 23.0)

in preparation

Harada (Staff who usually wear 23.5 > 24.0)

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Nakano (Staff who usually wear 24.0 > 24.5)

in preparation

Tada (Staff who usually wear 24.5 > 24.0)

foot characteristics Wise D/Egyptian Type/Wide
foot length 24.0cm foot width 10.2cm foot girth 22.9cm
I often choose 24.0cm for heels and 24.5cm for flats. I choose shoes with an emphasis on the difficulty of taking them off.
size to choose L size
toes Exactly
Width Exactly
length Exactly
It was L size, and the toe side was not too tight and it was perfect overall. Thanks to the straps, it is easy to walk in high heels.

Tamura (Staff who usually wear 25.0 > 24.5)

foot characteristics Wise C・Egyptian type・Wide width・Large right foot
foot length 24.9cm foot width 9.8cm foot girth 22.5cm
The right foot is larger and puts more pressure on the toes, so I often choose a size that is comfortable for my right foot.
size to choose L size
toes just right
Width just right
length just right
I usually wear 25.0cm or LL size, but it's almost just the right size for my thumb and ring finger. I think it's made a little bigger. The length was perfect, so my feet didn't slip forward, and I was able to walk stably even with 9cm heels.