iCoN COLORS 2022AW Collection (icon colors)

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iCoN Colors

Impressive comfort, it is the pumps of destiny.

"Once you wear them, you can't stop"

It's comfortable enough to make you feel like you're destined to wear it.
The iCoN Colors Fall/Winter 2022 collection is now available.

This season is a classic lineup with deep and elegant colors.
Even with colored pumps, you can enjoy a calm and chic impression.

The iCoN Colors series offers a wide variety of colors that will excite you from the moment you choose.
You are sure to find the “pumps of destiny” that will bring out your charm.


7cm Heels x Pointed Toe

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9cm Heels x Pointed Toe

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5cm Heels x Pointed Toe

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Flat Shoes x Pointed Toe

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iCoN Basic


"Once you put them on, you can't stop wearing them." The encounter with iCoN Colors is so moving that you will surely feel fate.

What I didn't know, I might regret it.

Heeled shoes hurt, but I like them so I can't let go of them. I want to wear high heels that don't hurt.
There are pumps that make you regret what you didn't know.

Beautiful shoes that make your legs look beautiful, and heels that don't hurt your feet.
Special shoes made in Japan through repeated research and improvements for Japanese women's feet.

It is mamian's "iCoN".

iCoN Basic

Fluffy cushion insole

It feels like walking on a thick carpet.

Upper back mesh processing

The secret to the comfort of being wrapped up.

iCoN Basic
    35 products